Muchachas en la hierba de Otto MUELLER | Poster-Canvas

Reference: PM - 1237

Title: Muchachas en la hierba
Artist: Otto MUELLER
Reference: PM - 1237
Standard formatsPrices
Mini-Canvas  20x27 cm12.00 €
Medium-Canvas  30x40 cm24.00 €
Postcard-Canvas  12x16 cm6.00 €
Magnets-Canvas  7x9,5 cm6.00 €

Specificacion of product

  1. The indicated sizes are approximate and vary depending on the original size of the pictures.
  2. Poster-prints on canvas mounted on wooden plate
  3. All of prices include VAT.
  4. Prints on mini-canvas or medium-canvas are mounted onto wooden panels of 3 mm respectively 4 mm. Prints in postcard sized canvas are applied on hard cardboard with a nice structured back.
  5. All wooden plates have a practical trailer for easy wall mounting.
  6. Prints of mini-, medium- and postcard sizes are put in a plastic bag with a self adhesive closure.
    Pictures of more than 30 x 40 cm will put send, with corner protection and wrapped in cellophane in order to avoid a damage.

This kind of the finishing and presentation makes out of the prints a perfect option for a beautiful gift.